British International Disability Swimming Championships


It’s not every day that you get the chance to pit yourself against the best Paralympic swimmers in the world 🙂

I love competing at Ponds Forge in Sheffield because a) I get to catch up with my friend Jo in Derbyshire, who cooks me fantastic food, and b) because I always PB!

Now, some people won’t believe that there are ‘slow’ and ‘fast’ pools, but believe me, there are! It’s all to do with how deep the pool is and how the water flows…and some physics which I don’t understand! Ponds Forge is definitely known as a ‘fast’ pool and attracts hundreds of competitors.

Despite not devoting much more than three hours a week in swim training over the winter due to the demands of training for the Virgin London Marathon, I managed two Long Course PB’s in the 100 and 400m Freestyle and was less than a second off my 50m Freestyle PB. Nice to know that improvement is still possible for other competitions this year.

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